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River of Hope Spiritual Centre

There are no regular events at this time.  

Peggy is acting as pulpit supply at Mt. Olivet and Cayuga United Churches at this time.  If you wish to attend either of these services you are most welcome to do so.  

Mt. Olivet United Church 9:30 am every Sunday

Cayuga United Church 11:00 am every Sunday

Calendar of Events

If you are interested in a regular study or prayer group please contact us.  We try to be responsive to your needs and will consider organizing a group.   

Email for information. 

Latest News

Journaling Groups are open to those who have taken the Journaling Course.  This course will be offered again in January 2022.Calendar  of Events. 

An Intentional Devotional

Not meeting at this time.


Within a short travelling distance there are many opportunities to explore different spiritual ideas, practices and events.  Such events will be posted on the calendar.  Join our mailing list to be notified.  If you hear of something that may be of interest to the group please let me know about it.  


The next journaling training program will be in January 2022 with opportunities to join groups for continued work on your journal after the initial 4-week training.  If you want more information about the course please email us.

Group Study

There are many opportunities for group work with this ministry.  Group Spiritual Direction is only one option but we are pleased to facilitate many sorts of groups including book studies.   Watch for study opportunities and let us know if you have an idea for a group.