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River of Hope Spiritual Centre

Because of the current global health crisis group meetings are limited to on-line events and very small in person meetings.  Please sign up for email notifications of events. You will find information about events on the Calendar of Events

It is my great pleasure to offer a variety of regular events as part of my ministry.  This part of the ministry is in development and may change with the seasons and time. 

At the moment we have a Daily Devotional Group which meets at 8:30 am on weekdays for about an hour.   

In the summer of 2020 we began an online Sunday evening fellowship group called "With Friends this Sunday".  This arose from an awareness of the number of people who were feeling very alone, especially on Sundays.  We meet on Zoom at 7 pm.  A few may attend at my home but if you wish to attend in person you should contact us prior to arriving to be sure there is sufficient space to accommodate personal distancing regulations.

Other groups may include training in specific areas like Journaling or Communication and Listening Skills, various support groups or one time Pilgrimages to places of spiritual interest in the area.   

If you have a need for a group type event we would be happy to explore the idea with you.  

Anyone wishing to join the Spiritual Centre Group/s is asked to send an email or call for information.    Dates and times will be posted on the Calendar of Events

Email for information. 

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Because of the current global health crisis group meetings are limited to on-line events with an option for a few in person visitors.    Please sign up for email notifications of events.  You will find information about events on the Calendar  of Events. 

An Intentional Devotional

This small group currently meets on line at 8:30 am on weekdays via Zoom.  We have a closed facebook group.  Our study includes some variety of authors including a Christian Scripture study guide and others.  If you are interested in joining the group place message us or visit the FB site and request membership 


Within a short travelling distance there are many opportunities to explore different spiritual ideas, practices and events.  Such events will be posted on the calendar.  Join our mailing list to be notified.  If you hear of something that may be of interest to the group please let me know about it.  


From time to time we will offer special training in spiritual studies.  It will always be interesting.  I'm a great fan of not reinventing the wheel.  If someone else is an expert I'll just bring them in to talk to us about it.  Let us know if there is a spiritual practice of special interest to you.  

Group Study

There are many opportunities for group work with this ministry.  Group Spiritual Direction is only one option but we are pleased to facilitate many sorts of groups including book studies.   Watch for study opportunities and let us know if you have an idea for a group.

With Friends this Sunday

This is an on line or in person group which meets Sunday evening at 7.  If you intend to attend in person at Peggy's home please contact her ahead of time to confirm space in regard to social distancing regulations.  More about the event in Facebook events or on our Calendar

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Journaling for Personal Growth 

5 week class

To be announced

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